Our History

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Client stories

The success of the 700 Club can be measured in many ways - the number of bed-nights it has provided, the fact that it has survived for two decades, but the most meaningful indicator of success are the individual stories of people who have accessed its services at a time of vulnerability, and then gone on to live independent, happy and fulfilled lives. Read more

Our Achievements

The 700 Club have provided more than 350,000 bed-nights to those who would otherwise be forced to sleep rough, to sleep on a friend's floor, or to occupy some other kind of inappropriate accommodation. Read more

Begging in Darlington

Jointly funded by the Police Commissioner and Yorkshire and Clydesdale Bank the 700 Club work with those who bed on the streets of Darlington. Read more

Responding to Begging

Begging is an issue in many town and cities, including Darlington. Beggars can intimidate and emotionally blackmail members of the public, and for retailers standing outside their premises, they can be disruptive of trade. The message from Police, Local Authority and the Voluntary Sector is please don't give. Read more