Responding to Begging

Begging is an issue in many town and cities, including Darlington. Beggars can intimidate and emotionally blackmail members of the public, and for retailers standing outside their premises, they can be disruptive of trade. The message from Police, Local Authority and the Voluntary Sector is please don't give.Read more


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Early Intervention Outreach Project

The 700 Club Early Intervention Project is a partnership with Darlington Borough Council and is part of the Governments Trailblazer Initiative aimed at the prevention of homelessness.Read more

Work for us

Roles become vacant from time to time. Why not apply to become part of our team? The 700 Club actively promotes equality of opportunity and welcome applications from a wide range of candidates. We select all candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and experience.Read more

Young Person's Service

If a friend needed help solving a problem, was sick, or needed help watching the kids, no doubt you would offer to help, but when a young person shows signs of misusing alcohol or drugs, sometimes it's hard to know what to do or say.Read more


Bridge to Home, our deposit guarantee scheme, offers the opportunity to work with staff in completing 'condition' inventories of properties that have been accessed through the scheme, as well as undertaking quarterly monitoring of established tenancies.Read more

Our History

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Bridge2Home Pledgeholder

Pledge up to £50 a year and open the door of a home for someone who, without your help, would be excluded from the stability and security that having one's own home provides.Read more