The 700 Club is  a charitable organisation that provides temporary accommodation and support services to vulnerable individuals, families and couples who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless and/or are in condition of need, hardship or distress. We endeavour to meet housing need holistically, recognising that to be without a home is often symptomatic of other deep rooted issues.

The people with whom we work are frequently marginalised by the wider community; the labels applied to them are often heavily laden with prejudice and criticism. The label, however, is not the person; we do not judge, we accept people at face value, we are prepared to wait for the 'right time' -  there are no blanket exclusions for access to our services.

We give people the tools to gain independence through building the skills required for daily living, inspiring confidence, addressing addictions, and giving them the resources to sustain a home of their own.

We believe that people are greater than the issues by which society often defines them - homeless, drug addict, alcoholic, suffering mental illness. We feel that we can make a difference by believing in people when they do not believe in themselves.