Partnership working is a key feature of everything we do. Effective inter-agency partnership maximizes the success of our work with individuals. We believe in a multi-disciplinary response to individual need. 

We work closely with all organisations to enhance support including Adult Social Care, Children’s Services, Police, Probation, Darlington Borough Council, Firststop, DWP, Harbour, CAB, Credit-Union and Health providers. Through information sharing protocols and with the individual's agreement, we liaise, keep partners informed and work together in supporting individuals. Networking, sharing training/information, helps us to keep abreast of new developments.  We willingly share our expertise in relation to housing-related issues.

Corporate Partners

We value the support of Corporate Partners. 

   The 700 Club were the nominated charity for Darlington Building Society's Affinity Mortgage in 2015, and in 2016 as part of their own 160th Birthday the society paid for 160 nights in the Lodge to support homeless individuals. This corresponded with our own birthday celebration - the 700 Club was 20 years old in 2016.                                                                                                

We work with Darlington Borough Council every day. Apart from the work they commission, through all of the projects we together seek to achieve the best for our clients.

Broadacre Housing Association  have been instrumental in the development of our Move-On accommodation in Church View Apartments

We are grateful to CPT not only as our auditors but as generous donors to our work. They have been working with us for about a decade and shared in the highs and lows of a charitable organisation.

Wavelength have supported our clients across all the projects through the provision of television for the lounges of of our accommodation projects and for the indivdual rooms in The Lodge

We cooperate in the Safer Homes Initiative with our colleagues in the Fire Service

As an Registered Social Landlord we work closely with Homes England, and are grateful the grant that enabled Church View Apartments to be developed.

Without the money we could not have achieved what we have. They are a lender that understands the business that we operate.