The 700 Club provides 29 units of supported accommodation for individuals and couples aged 18 and over with medium to high support needs. Clients can stay in the 700 Club accommodation for up to one year during which time the 700 Club staff work with the Supporting People team to ensure clients are helped to:

  • Reduce their debt, maximise their income and manage their finances.
  • Establish and maintain a support network with activities designed to promote their skills, confidence and independence.
  • Manage their physical/mental health and/or substance misuse.
  • Maintain their accommodation and avoid eviction, comply with statutory orders and stay safe by minimising risk/harm to self and others.
  • Make positive life choices and receive opportunities to contribute to the wider community.

Clients are referred to the service only through the Key Point of Access (KPA) following a needs and risk assessment.

Whilst accommodated by the 700 Club, clients are expected to engage with the support staff to address any issues, to be pro-active in their transition to independance and to promote their personal development so as to progress into independant accommodation and inclusion within the wider community.

Clients are encouraged to participate in various activities to develop their skills, independance and personal development, which in turn opens up opportunities for training, education and employment.

Programmes include:                       

Independent Living Skills Programme.

  • Numeracy and Literacy Skills.
  • Financial Literacy.
  • Accredited ICT Training.
  • Arts and Crafts Sessions.
  • Holistic health and leisure activities.
  • Outreach sessions and Drop-Ins.
  • Volunteering Opportunities.
  • Client Involvement.
  • Programs offered in partnership with other agencies

In addition, clients receive individual support from their support worker; including access to brief interventions for smoking addiction and drug and alcohol misuse.

Download a service leaflet by clicking the following link:  Hostel_Service_Leaflet_May_15.doc