The 700 Club has made a difference because it has:

  • Intervened nearly 400,000 times to prevent an individual sleeping rough or spending the night in an inappropriate location
  • Highlighted the plight, and been an advocate for homeless people across more than two decades
  • Brought about a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour by tackling some of its root causes in addiction to drugs or alcohol;
  • Prevented, by working closely with Darlington's Housing Options Team, the need for anyone to sleep on the street
  • Helped thousands of individuals to regain control of their lives and to become productive and valued members of the community
  • Contributed significantly to building the cohesion of the local community.

What is said of us:

“The 700 Club has made a real difference to so many people’s lives in Darlington. From small beginnings, it has grown to become a force for good in the town. It deserves all our congratulations for its work” 

Rt Hon Alan Milburn

“The 700 Club has always been good at identifying gaps in supported housing provision and offering innovative solutions. It has grown considerably since it was first established and is now well known throughout Darlington and the surrounding area.”

Pauline Mitchell,   Assistant Director of Housing and Building Services, Darlington Borough Council