A Donation can help someone change their life

By making a donation you give hope to someone like ND, a 43 year old man and former soldier. During his time in the military he was injured in action, and upon discharge was suffering with both post-traumatic stress disorder and a problem with alcohol abuse. As result he spent some time in a military rehabilitation unit before moving into  a B&B in Darlington. This, however, was only a short term arrangement and as his alcohol intake increased, finding accommodation took second place. He ended up sleeping on the streets.

On a night when the temperature was a long way below zero, he referred himself into the Lodge, the 700 Club's emergency accommodation. He was provided with a warm, safe, comfortable room with en-suite facilities. The next day, he was provided with a support worker and together they collaborated on a plan that would eventually give him access to accommodation of his own. A year later and that plan had born fruit; ND was settled in his own accommodation, he had stopped drinking and had resolved some of the trauma that he confronted on leaving the forces.  

Or you could become a Fundraiser for our cause ... 

People do all sorts of things to raise money for us from jumping out of aeroplanes (with a parachute!) to completing the Three Peaks challenge. Instead of using "Just Giving" to create a fund-raising page, just click above.