Out of hours food is held by the 700 Club at its hostel St. George's Hall in Elmfield Street. The store is available for access on all evenings and during the weekend after 5.00pm. Agencies may refer people with whom they may have some involvement, but people can also self-refer.

North East Health Link Trust - provide hot meals every Wednesday and Thursday at 5pm from Brunswick Street Car Park

The out of hours store will only provide ' iron rations' designed to ensure that an individual does not go without food overnight. The person concerned will be expected to access one of the main food stores the following morning at:

  • Grange Road Baptist Church - open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 10.00am and 12.00 noon or;
  • First Stop food store which is accessible during their normal working hours
  • The Kings Church Food Store, Whessoe Road.  Open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1-3pm

Agencies can contact St. George's Hall with the name and address of the individual who will be accessing the food store. When an individual arrives at St. George's Hall, whether referred or not, the staff on duty will take the name and address of that person to check if they have received food previously.

The individual will be provided with 2 or 3 tins and advised that their information will be added to a database of people who have accessed the out of hours store.

Contact Details:

St. George's Hall - Telephone 01325 464385

Grange Road Baptist Church - Telephone 01325 360449

First Stop Darlington - Telephone 01325 254463

The Kings Church - Telephone  01325 469884


      You can download information here: Food_Bank_Information in_Darlington.pdf