"Staff helped me to take back control of my life. I was in danger of losing everything because of my drinking. I can't begin to thank them enough."

As a client of the 700 Club you can expect to:

  • be treated as an individual, in accordance with your independently assessed personal needs.
  • be encouraged towards self care amd independence.
  • have your political, cultural, ethnic, religious, sexual and emotional needs accepted and respected.
  • have independence, choice and responsibility for your own actions
  • be fully involved in the writing and reviewing of a personalized support plan

  • receive respect for privacy, dignity and confidentiality; information will only be shared if you agree.

  • receive support that is of the highest quality standards

  • be fully informed about other services provided both by the 700 Club or by other agencies

  • receive advance notification of any changes to the services. 
  • have access to written information about decisions taken by staff that affect you

  • have access to written information on your personal file 
  • receive information in a language and method appropriate to your needs 
  • be actively involved in the planning of service that you access

  • contribute to a culture where clients support each other and where concerns about the wellbeing of others are listened to