Floating Support Service

Our Floating Support service offers support to individuals, couples and families where there are issues with substance misuse. 

We work 1-to-1 with individuals (Age 16+) at a level appropriate to need to develop independent living skills, source and maintain tenancies, maximise income, and also support with budgeting. As part of the support we also offer direct support around substance misuse issues.

To ensure the best possible outcome we work in partnership with a large range of local agencies to maximise opportunities and build up support networks. The support we offer is client led and is based around the individual need; the person being supported is always in control. Through support planning we assist the individuals to identify their current needs as well as their future aspirations and goals.

Whilst supported by this service, individuals are expected to engage with the support staff on a regular basis to work towards addressing their needs. Support hours vary according to individual need and are gradually reduced over the time as support needs lessen. 

Areas we commonly support with include:

  • Help to address substance use issues and implement harm minimisation strategies, including advice on relapse prevention, risks of drug and alcohol use and referral to specialist services where required
  • Work with the Local Authority, Registered Social Landlords and Private Landlords to source and maintain suitable accommodation
  • Support to reduce criminal involvement and offending related to substance use
  • Assist in accessing welfare benefits entitlements, including housing benefit
  • Support to budget within means, opening bank accounts and setup of standing orders
  • Provide information, advice and support to address health and social care needs, including reducing risk from HIV, blood bourne viruses and sexually transmitted infections
  • Support to develop skills, access education, volunteering, employment and training and other meaningful activities

You can self-refer to this service by calling 01325 366397, or there are a number of agencies that will refer you if you are already working with them, for example Darlington Borough Council's Housing Options Team, Probation, Social Services. Or you can just call in to a Drop In Session on a Tuesday or a Thursday between 9.00am and 12.00am.  Drop in sessions are held at 700 Club Head Office, Roadway House, Beaumont Street West, DL1 5SX.