If everyone does a little a great deal can be achieved.

The 700 Club began in 1996 when 700 people pledged £50 to provide hostel accommodation for individuals who had nowhere to stay. Since then, thousands have benefited from the work of the charity, and 400,000 bed-nights have been provided. It shows how local people working together can make a huge difference to their community. 


Local People, Local Need, Local Solutions

At heart the 700 Club is a grass-roots organisation, built on the belief that membership of a community involves taking responsibility for its weakest and most vulnerable members. It is what 700 people did 25 years ago, and it is what we are asking people to do now. 


Play a part. Help us make the 700 Club into the 7000 Club

The need has never been greater. Will you help us to help those who need our services by becoming a local sponsor of the charity? Initially, all money raised will be used to maintain work with individuals who have substance misuse issues. This is a vital area of our work that has increased significantly over the period of the lockdown.    

You could be part of the 7000 Club with a commitment of just £1 a week - you won't miss it but to the person struggling with homelessness or addiction, it means everything.