The 700 Club seeks to make a difference to the lives of local people by enabling them to move into a home of their own in the private rented sector. Landlords usually require new tenants to pay a cash deposit when moving into a property as a bond (or guarantee) against the cost of repairing any damage that may occur during the tenancy. People on very low incomes or who rely upon state benefits simply don’t have the money to pay such a deposit. This is where Bridge2Home comes in.

Bridge2Home guarantees the bond amount for a year. If damage occurs during the tenancy, the Landlord can claim from the scheme the cost of any damage to the property up to the Bond Guarantee amount.

What is a Pledge-holder?

Pledgeholders underwrite the Bond Guarantees. The Pledge-holder idea is a simple one. A pledge is for up to £50 and covers a financial year from 1st April to 31st March. At the end of the year we calculate the total paid out in claims, divide that amount between the number of Pledge-holders, and request that sum from each. The maximum amount we would ask for is £50.00, although we hope that it would not be the full amount. Clearly, the more pledges we have, the less we need to ask from each Pledge-holder.

Pledge-holders are greatly valued, so are regularly kept in touch with the scheme through updates, newsletters and invitations to future events. Pledges can be made by anyone – individuals, clubs, schools, churches, businesses. Many people make more than one pledge. The commitment made is for one year, although we hope that our Pledge-holders will renew their pledges annually.

You could give some one a home for just £1 a week - you won't miss it but to the homeless person it means everything. 

Sign the Pledge online  pledge-holder-registration

If you would like to download a paper copy click here: B2H Pledge-Holder May 15.doc