The 700 Club is 20 years old this year; two decades of working with the vulnerable and homeless of Darlington. It began with a door erected on High Row and an invitation to 700 people to donate £50 to provide accommodation for homeless people.  From that act of collective responsibility and generosity, across two decades,  the 700 Club has gone on to provide around 300,000 bed-nights to those either street homeless or inappropriately housed. Today, in partnership with Darlington Borough Council it provides accommodation in two hostels and a Floating Support Service for people with Drug and Alcohol issues. In addition, it helps people access the private rental sector through its Bridge2Home (Bond Scheme) initiative and offers emergency transitional housing through the Lodge, a converted B&B that is open 24/7 to those in housing need.

Over twenty years, the lives of thousands of people have been touched by the 700 Club, but in most cases long term outcomes remain invisible. It is possible that some of those leading the Darlington community today, were, 20 years ago, 700 Club clients – we don’t know and don’t need to know.  We believe in people when they have stopped believing in themselves, and from that flows the modest aim of simply making a difference at the point of an individual’s greatest need.   

What the 700 Club has achieved across the years would not have been possible without others.  At this milestone we would like to thank all those who have contributed to the success of the organisation, both individuals and organisations – we could not have done it without you!  Most particularly we would like to thank those who have been our clients – you have been and continue to be our partners in the success of the organisation.