A Donation can Change a Life

By making a donation you give hope to someone like ND, a 43 year old man and former soldier. During his time in the services he was injured in action, and upon discharge was suffering with both post-traumatic stress disorder and a problem with alcohol abuse. As result he spent some time in a military rehabilitation unit before moving into  a Bed & Breakfast in Darlington. This, however, was only a short term arrangement.

With no savings, or the means to raise the money for a cash bond, he approached the 700 Club's Bridge2Home project for a bond in order to access accommodation of his own. The Bond Scheme enabled him to be housed by a local Landlord.

During a regular inspection of the property it was observed by the Bridge2Home worker that ND had lost a lot of weight. The worker discussed this with him and he admitted that he wasn’t coping very well. As a result a referral was made to the Key Point of Access, and ND went on to receive Floating Support. This referral proved to be life changing.  The floating support service report that “since getting support, ND has stopped drinking, received help for his depression, and has agreed to surgery to improve his general health.”

Or you could become a Fundraiser for our cause ... 

People do all sorts of things to raise money for us from jumping out of aeroplanes (with a parachute!) to completing the Three Peaks challenge. Instead of using "Just Giving" to create a fund-raising page, just click above.