Homeless, dependent on drugs or alcohol, suffering with a mental health issue - we believe people are more than a label. We work in Darlington to help to people regain control of their lives and to have a home of their own.

Why it matters?

We believe that people are greater than the issues by which society often defines them - homeless, drug addict, alcoholic, suffering mental illness. We feel that we can make a difference by believing in people when they do not believe in themselves.



Our Achievements

The 700 Club have provided approximately 300,000 bed-nights to those who would otherwise be forced to sleep rough, to sleep on a friend's floor, or to occupy some other kind of inappropriate accommodation.


Author: Nikos Vrakas

What we do

The 700 Club offers a range of services to those who are homeless or inappropriately housed to help them as individuals overcome the barriers to living independently and to settle in a home of their choosing.



Help us

  • Work for us

    Roles become vacant from time to time. Why not apply to become part of our team? The 700 Club actively promotes equality of opportunity and welcome applications from a wide range of candidates. We select all candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and experience. Read more

  • Donate

    You can share in our work by making a donation, either in cash or in other ways. Some chose to donate time and expertise, others give equipment or goods to use in our projects. Read more

  • Volunteer for us

    We have opportunities for volunteering across all our projects, whether your skills are with people, with administration, or whether you have some other skill you would like to share ... music, drama, art, sport, gardening, the list is endless. Read more


  • 20th Birthday

    On August 4th the 700 Club marked its 20th Anniversary with a celebration in the car park at Head Office. A hog-roast, a rodeo machine and a coconut shy featured among the entertainments, while live music played in the backgound. Read more

  • Cathy Come Home

    Cathy .. still waiting for a home after 50 years. According to St Mungo's the number of people sleeping rough with a mental health problem has more than tripled over the past five years. You can help us us to solve the problem - donate to the 700 Club now and give Cathy a Home.. Read more


  • Darlington Building Society CEO 10k Run

    Colin Fyfe, CEO of Darlington Building Society, has completed a 10K for the 700 Club's Lodge project as part of 160 nights of accommodation for homeless people. Read more