The Healthy Lifestyle Team helps you:

  • Have a greater understanding of why a healthy lifestyle matters (physically, emotionally and socially)
  • Be more aware of your personal health and lifestyle
  • Be engaged in a positive way with health services (GP's, dentists, opticians etc.)
  • Be up to date with any necessary immunisation
  • Be fitter both mentally and physically as a result of adopting healthy lifestyle strategies
  • Have greater confidence and self-esteem
  • Become good role models for your family and friends, and encourage them towards healthy choices
  • Become more integrated into mainstream society                                

The service we offer approaches the development of a healthy lifestyle in three ways.


In 1-1 and group sessions we will help you to understand how lifestyle (smoking, drug use, poor diet, un-protected sex) impacts upon your own health and that of others (physically, relationally, and emotionally). Sessions will be delivered at your own pace and where you feel most comfortable. We will think together about the services that are available to you (GP/dentist/optician) and help you access them. Over a number of weeks we will explore substance misuse, alcohol use, effects of smoking, health screening, sexual health, healthy eating menu planning and diet, social interaction and involvement. The list is not exhaustive.

“I plan on making the healthy pizzas with my children at the weekend” - Client after a healthy eating and cooking session at Hope House

Physical Activities:

You will have the chance to participate in health enhancing physical activities – perhaps trying something completely new. We will show you how to make good life style choices to ensure that they become a way of life rather than a one off ad-hoc session. For you it may be football or gardening, walking or golf, a work-out in the gym or learning to dance - the choice is yours. We will also help towards the costs of equipment and fees.

“Being part of the walking Group has made me feel more confident to attend other groups in the community” – Client at St George's Hall.


Because a healthy lifestyle is more than just physical, we will also be offering sessions that are focussed on your inner wellbeing. In both 1-1 sessions and group work we will support you to explore what it means to have a healthy attitude in regard to yourself and others. We will support you to engage with things like meditation, mindfulness, confidence building, self-esteem building, healthy sleeping, and relaxation techniques.

“Getting support to access a G.P. has meant I can finally address my long term health issues” – Client at Hope House.




Download service specific leaflets by clicking on the following link:Healthy_Lifestyle_May15v2.doc