The 700 Club services are subject to continuous internal audit and outcome monitoring.  The service are also subject to external audit by the funding bodies and commisioning authorities. The support provided by the 700 Club is consistently judged to be "A" standard by Darlington Borough Council's Supporting People Team.

People leaving our service capable of living independently are the ultimate quality monitoring indicator. Our Quality Management System with BS EN ISO9001:2008 certification ensures a robust and sustained quality of commissioned service, and provides a basis for contract conformance and continuous improvement.

Quality monitoring is achieved by comprehensive external and internal auditing and systematic service review. Alongside ISO 9001, we hold accreditations for Environment (BS EN ISO14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (BS OHSAS18001). Annual, external, independent audits are conducted to ensure conformity with Health and Safety legislation and Mindful Employer status. Contract monitoring audits by Darlington Borough Council ensure conformance with the QAF (Quality Assessment Framework).

Internal Monitoring

We undertake continuous performance monitoring, referring to key service performance
indicators in regard to service delivery, management and governance. We ensure that
all service specification and contract requirements are met, that outcomes are closely
monitored, and that any reports required are presented in a timely manner.
We use a range of internal monitoring and evaluation tools to ensure best and/or evidence based practice,